Monday, October 29, 2012

Episode 3 Halloween Night - LIVE Chat with Cast!

We've got an extra-awesome, super-fun night planned for the Halloween broadcast of Episode 3: Watch episodes 1 & 2 from 7:40PM EST, then watch the Episode 3 premiere at 8:00PM EST, followed by voting online for the winner of the walk-on role in the series! And the best part is you can join members of the cast LIVE on our website to chat, ask questions about the show, and share your reactions to the big finale! So grab a bucket of candy, a bag of popcorn, and some ghoulish friends and join us! 

To access the Live Chat, find the Skysa bar at the bottom of this page and register to sign in!


  1. Jimmy Folco is the reason why this movie watchable. I love him. Probably my biggest on screen crush!!! LOVE YOU JIMMY! HEYY NOW

  2. So, when are you going to set up your ROKU channel? Lemme Know.

  3. Classic horror flick! Great job.