Monday, August 6, 2012

Casting Announcement: Taylor Kudalis

One of the most endearing characters in CvsRZ is cheerleader Blakeley Wescott, who is just a tad goofy and struggles with her academics...but she's absolutely charming and loyal to her BFFs. Who better to play that role than the similarly winsome Taylor Kudalis, former Miss New Hampshire Teen USA runner up  (voted most photogenic)! She also played Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" in her high school's production of the Lewis Carrol classic. Taylor has also been a promotional model for Nascar and Wal-Mart.. What really sold us on casting Taylor, however, was the amazing performance she turned in on her audition video. We liked it so much it's almost certain to end up being a bonus feature on a future DVD release!


  1. Love following Taylor through her accomplishments!

  2. I competed with Taylor last year in the miss NH teen competition and she was so fun to be around. She was funny, bubbly, nice/polite, and BEAUTIFUL (trueNH teen qualities)! I'm so happy seeing her achieve her dreams; she's such an inspiration! For only knowing her for a short amount of time I knew i would never forget her. Shes so fun and easy to work with and was a great competitor! I wish her the best of luck! <3
    ~Etta P.