Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Casting Announcement: Kati Salowsky

We are down to casting the last three principal performers in CvsRZ, and the news just keep getting more awesome (or "wicked" as a lot of us here in New England like to say!) To prove it, today we're announcing that one wicked cool actress will be playing uber-flirtatious and sassy cheerleader Britney Amber: the talented Kati Salowsky. Kati's an incredibly busy actress and model - you may have seen her in Seth MacFarlane's TED, on the SyFy network's "School Spirits," or in a number of  independent films: Timebender, Congratulations, Sea of Destiny, The Reservoir - just to name a few. Kati also brings some excellent skills to her role: she's got cheer experience, she's a certified personal trainer, and she can box.

Take a look at this clip from Timebender to see Kati in action!

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