Monday, September 3, 2012

Behind-the-scenes At Production

Full cast and crew pulled off a marathon location shoot at Camp Nahaco in Eastford CT this last weekend, gathering 8 hours of footage for the first few episodes of the show. The crew arrived on site as early as 10:00AM, and many were there until well past dark wrapping the shoot. Director Jason Bachand had this to say on the day's shoot:

"Yesterday's shoot for CvsRZ was a phenomenal success. We're currently transferring our raw footage for editing and making backups - well over 300 individual takes totaling 100GB. I'd like to offer a very profound thank you to all of our cast and crew, who delivered excellent work and performances - Meredith Prunty's beautiful bows and flips, Savannah Reinitzer's tone-perfect Southern charm, Mark Burzenski and his mohawk, Brian Farmer and his "Cheerleader Brains!", Kallie Tabor and terrifying scream, Keri Shea for stunning makeup and hair, Caity and her SFX team, Scot Dyer for rigging our props and set dressing, Emmy March and Taylor Kudalis for a perfect take in the golden sunset, Suzanne Prunty - producer extraordinaire and B-roll brilliance, Jeff Buchbinder who not only crawled into a wood pile on his back, but directed our cameras and photography despite the invader ducks, Elizabeth Percy who came all the from New York City and stunned us all with professionalism and dedication, Jimmy Folco for his easy swinging with all with makeup and script changes, Joe Tabor on boom mics, bounce boards, and pizza delivery (our hero), all of our families on site for bringing great food and drink, A.F. Grant who did double duty as Daryl and Assistant Director, Kati Salowsky - you just nailed your lines Kati, the audience is going to love you - Ashley Tramonte for some incredible gag roll faces and for keeping me laughing all the time, Kristin for keeping things artful and running our clapperboard, and everyone else who worked a 12 hour day to get our first episodes in the can. Love and gratitude from the depths of my heart to all."

Lining up a shot of the cheerleaders arriving at the camp.

 Makeup artist Keri Anne Shea preps actress Meredith Prunty.

D.o.P. Jeff Buchbinder and A.F. Grant begin the process of setting up cameras in production HQ. We commandeered an old winter hut for production central!

Caity from C.Smith-SFX begins doing gore makeup and prosthetics on actor Brian Farmer.

Taylor Kudalis and Emmy March wait for their action cue.

Jeff gets ready for a ground level shot. 

Taylor, Emmy, and Kallie Tabor relax between takes.

Emmy and Savannah Reinitzer are still smiling after twelve hours on set!

Props and practical FX guru cleans up after handling a messy stunt.

 Jimmy Folco and Brian Farmer read over the script and rehearse.

 Ashley Tramonte gets ready to cheer.

 Producer Suzanne Prunty handles paperwork.

Props guy Scot Dyer getting his Sinatra on.

The cheerleaders get ready for the scenes inside the SUV.

 Taylor in makeup.

Jimmy, Brian, and Scot.

Elizabeth Percy looking great!

 The girls rehearse a take.

Taylor and Elizabeth joke around with director Jason Bachand.

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