Monday, August 20, 2012

CvsRZ Publicity Day

Cast and crew gathered yesterday in Exeter Rhode Island, at the site of the abandoned Ladd Institute, for publicity stills, cast photos, and teaser trailer footage. We got a ton of great shots and footage! C.Smith-SFX was on hand to do zombie makeup and still photographer David Cope provided amazing shots of our cast in character. 

Actor A.F. Grant has zombie makeup applied. Notice the impressive head wound. 
Director Jason Bachand and still photographer David Cope line up lighting and frame a publicity shot. One of the creepy abandoned buildings on site can be seen in the back left.

Meredith Prunty and Ashley Tramonte in costume. The cheerleaders uniforms are stock costumes and won't be used in the production itself. 
Emmy March, Taylor Kudalis, and Kallie Tabor chat with Jason Bachand for a "director's diary" bonus feature.  The actresses talked about the dynamic between their characters, who are friends in the script.
Savannah Reinitzer in makeup prep. Caity from C.Smith-SFX worked hard to provide our zombie gore on a tight schedule!
The zombies - A.F. Grant, Savannah Reinitzer, and Mark Burzenski -  line up in front of a monster truck. We got lucky - the Ladd Institute grounds manager, Jimmy Folco, happened to have a friend nearby with a monster truck we were able to use.
Cast and crew hang out while teaser trailer footage is filmed.

Brian Farmer and A.F. Grant getting hammy for the camera. Brian didn't get to go "zombie" for the day, but he'll be getting plenty gory when filming starts!

The full cast and crew at wrap time! In addition to the cast, Production Manager Nathan Adams, Co-Producer Suzanne Prunty, the FX team, Art Director Kristin Bales, and Still Images Photographer David Cope can be seen. 

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