Thursday, August 2, 2012

Casting Announcements: Kallie Tabor & Brian Farmer

Every cheerleading squad needs a "nerdy" girl - and we certainly don't mean that in a bad way! ("Nerdy" is definitely the new "cool.") Sarah Tomlinson is the bookish, introspective but totally awesome cheerleader, and only a totally awesome actress could play her. Kallie Tabor (pronounced "Kay-lee") is that actress, and we're psyched to make the official announcement that she'll be playing Sarah in our first episode of CvsRZ. Like a few of our other performers, Kallie has cheerleading experience, and she's a rising star. She was recently seen on the cover of New Hampshire's "Parenting" Magazine and in the Anne Hathaway comedy Bride Wars. You may also have seen her in the Sony Pictures project That's My Boy or on television in a commercial for Hasbro toys.

Another zombie is also joining the horde today, as we present Brian Farmer who will play redneck patriarch "Dwight." Brian's a method actor who recently appeared in the T.V. series "Boston Massacre" and the Jessica Cook thriller Mark of the Dog Rose.  As "Dwight," Brian will play father to Daryl (A.F. Grant), Yaryl (Jimmy Folco) and Rosasharn (Savannah Reinitzer) and commit the blunder that sends them all toward a very undead fate...

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