Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Official Trailer and Fundraising

We're very happy that everyone's enjoying the official trailer. We're at the next step in post-production: we have our first edits of all three of our episodes, and we're now working on sound mixing and digital color grading.

In the meantime, let's keep up the marketing and fund-raising efforts! Our first goal is to reach the $1000 mark on Indieogogo.
In an ideal world, our enthusiasm and excitement for this show would be all we needed to make it. But the reality is, of course, that making a film project costs money. The amazing cast and crew devote their time and talents to our show and they deserve to earn a living for what they do. The funds we raise also help us to make the show better and to market it to the right people - especially sponsors who will bring in even more revenue. We all believe very strongly that given the initial resources, this show will be a commercial and critical success- already the buzz is good and doors are opening to future opportunities.

And remember, if you're someone who wants a good return on their investment (and who doesn't?) we offer executive producer packages, too. Becoming a producer not only earns you a spot on the crew of show and a film credit on a SAG production, but you'll earn a percentage of our project's profits.

In the meantime, please enjoy another trailer for the show - this one focusing more on the comedic aspects of the show.

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