Monday, July 23, 2012

Casting Announcement: Meredith Prunty

We've got our first CvsRZ casting announcement, and it's an exciting one! Meredith Prunty has just signed on to play the role of Candie Kayne, captain of the cheer squad. Meredith's been extremely busy filming this summer on projects such as Marcus Nispel's horror film "Backmask" and the Adam Sandler film "Grown Ups 2." She's very excited about CvsRZ, however, and can't wait to begin filming. Meredith is a competitive cheerleader in real life and will be putting her outstanding skills in both acting and cheering to use!

We'll have an exclusive interview with Meredith later this week. Stay tuned for a video announcement from Meredith and even more casting news, too!

Meredith's IMDb page can be found here. 

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