Friday, July 27, 2012

Casting Announcement: Savannah Reinitzer

Ok CvsRZ fans, get ready to offer a hungry, snarling cry of "brains!" for our first zombie to be cast - the talented and amazing Savannah Reinitzer. She'll be playing the female zombie "Rosasharn" (a reference to the John Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath.) Savannah is no stranger to the horror/zombie genre, as she recently co-starred in the popular web series "Pretty Undead." She's also a rising star in the modeling world and an active soccer player.

Savannah took a few minutes from her very busy schedule to answer a few questions about horror movies, zombies, and her aspirations in the acting profession.

Hi Savannah. I think the first thing our fans would like to know is if you like zombie TV shows or movies? And, tell us what's your favorite horror movie!

My first horror movie was Chucky that I saw when I was just 6 and I loved it because I would see the doll at Spencer's and it scared me like crazy.  Now I like the Saw movies, Insidious, The Woman in Black and Final Destination and any ghost movies.  I like all zombie movies and TV shows.

How do you approach acting? Who are your favorite performers?

I approach acting by trying to envision myself as the character I am playing.  I love Adam Sandler because he is so funny.  I like Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer because the concept of talking to the dead is very interesting.

In a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice - chainsaw, baseball bat, machete, shotgun - or something else? 

Chainsaw, of course.  Who doesn't love chasing zombies with a chainsaw!  A shotgun would probably be more effective though because you wouldn't need to get so close to the zombie.

Which is scarier do you think - the slow, shambling zombies (like in Night of the Living Dead or The Walking Dead), or the running, hyperactive zombies (like in 28 Days Later or Zombieland?)  

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I always liked the old fashioned zombies that moved slowly.  I always wonder why people can't out run them (laughs).  Of course, when there are too many of them, they will be able to kill you.

In many zombie movies (including CvsRZ), the zombies crave human brains. Tell us why you think zombies would want to eat such an odd thing. What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

Zombies need to eat your brain because their brains don't work anymore - therefore they need new brain cells.  I ate live crickets at a Fear Factor party once.  I also had to eat dog food and raw onions.  I took the third place medal but that was only because I was 9 and I was up against 14 year olds.

In CvsRZ we're gently poking fun of "rednecks." Tell us the most redneck-y thing about you.

I love red neck jokes and tell them all the time.  Just a few weeks ago, my mom took me and some friends on a day trip to Clark's Trading post and I wrote on the outside of our van window "You're probably a redneck when you write on your car window with markers".  My mom drove around with that on the window for over a week because it cracked us up.

Tell us about your ideal role. Who would you like to play? Who would you like to be in a movie with?

I would like to play a fairy princess that turns into a mermaid who then marries a redneck and then we have smurf babies. Ok, seriously, I would love to play a role as a soccer player or as a ghost in a haunted thriller. Zombies and vampires would be great too.  I would be happy to play with any actors.  Again, Adam Sandler is my favorite but he is always in comedies.


Look for more exclusive cast interviews and more in the coming weeks!

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