Friday, August 3, 2012

Interview: Kallie Tabor

Hot on the heels of yesterday's casting announcement we present an exclusive interview with Kallie Tabor. Enjoy, and make sure to leave your comments below!
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New England Talent.
Hi Kallie, thank you for doing this interview.
Tell us why you're an actress, and where you hope to go with your career.
I am an actress because I truly love the art of acting, and that you can become a completely different person from who you are. With my career, I hope to keep acting, and I would love to play more diverse characters, for example, an evil character.

You're also a dancer. What is it that you enjoy about ballet and dance? How did you go from cheering to dancing?
What I enjoy about dance is that you can tell a story through the choreography, really feel what you are dancing. I've been dancing since I was two, and tried cheerleading when I was twelve. Between dance and cheer, I had no time to do anything else because both schedules were so hectic, ultimately, I choose dance over cheer.
Actress, dancer - and you're also a model, as well? Have you done a lot of work as a model, and is it something you enjoy more or less than acting and dancing?
Yes, I actually just started modeling not too long ago, so I haven't done a lot yet. As of now I definitely enjoy acting more than modeling and dancing.

Ok, let's talk about CvsRZ. You're playing Sarah, who is sort of the nerdy cheerleader. Would you call yourself nerdy, and what's the nerdiest thing about you?
Yeah, I think I would call myself nerdy at times. I think the nerdiest thing about me would have to be my laugh, it's really loud sometimes.

Do you find zombies scary, or do you think some other kind of monster is scarier? What's your favorite scary movie?
I have never really found zombies that scary. I think the scariest "monster" would have to be ghosts, like in the Paranormal Activity movies, or real people, like in Orphan. My favorite scary movie would have to be The Ring, because even though I've seen it many times, it still scares me every time I watch it.

Are cheerleaders badass enough to fight off a horde of redneck zombies? What skills do cheerleaders have that could give them an advantage?
Cheerleaders are definitely tough enough to fight off redneck zombies! I think that cheerleaders could use their tumbling, and jumping skills to fight off those redneck zombies.

What was it like working with Anne Hathaway on "Bride Wars?"
It was amazing to work with Anne Hathaway on Bride Wars! She was one of the nicest people I have ever met! For example, one day we had been filming a long time, and no one had eaten, so she bought pizza for all of the cast and crew to eat.

All right, last question - the news announces a zombie outbreak. Where do you go for safety and to defend yourself? Who do you bring with you - and what one thing that you own do you make sure goes with you?
I would probably take "The Walking Dead" approach and take my family and friends to a big farm, and bring a lot of weapons. Even though I probably wouldn't need it, I would take my cell phone because I have to bring it with me everywhere I go! (laughs)
Thanks Kallie!

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