Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CvsRZ Kickstarter Project - Help Out!

Ok CvsRZ fans - time to get serious. We're putting out a call to help fund our series and make it a HUGE success. We're aiming high - we want this series to be the BIG thing this fall that everyone's talking about. If we meet our goals, and our pilot episode is a success, we'll have the leverage to shoot more episodes with bigger budgets, more SFX, and more publicity to spread the word!

So - check. this. out: We're got a Kickstarter project to find sponsors and backers who w
ant to make this series a commercial and critical success. All kinds of goodies are available to those who pledge to help us make this series a hit - from autographed DVDs to a walk-part in the show. Or, for those who really want to help out, we're offering executive producer credit with all the benefits thereof, including passes to the cast wrap party and series' premiere event!

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